Emmy Nominee, On-camera Talent:  “Consumer Wise”


    Emmy Nominee, Program Host:  “Shopping for the Season”


     Emmy Winner, Business/Consumer:  Consumer Wise Reports

    Emmy Winner, On-camera Talent:  Consumer Reporting


     Emmy Winner:  “Smart Health” Magazine Program

    Emmy Winner:  “Prescription Drug Epidemic”


     Emmy Winner:  “Smart Health” Magazine Program

    Telly Award Winner:  “Mortgage Help Runaround,” Consumer Warning Network

    Telly Award Winner:  “Comparing Flower Orders,” Consumer Warning Network



       Emmy Winner:  “Smart Health” Magazine Program

      Telly Award Winner:  “Smart Health” Magazine Program



       Emmy Winner:  “Journey of Faith”

      Emmy Winner:  “Drug Treatment: A Family Affair”



       Bay Area Legal Services, Service Award:  “Fighting for Alicia” PSA



       Nat’l Alliance for Community Media:  1st Place, Community Service Program



      National Headliner Award Winner:  “Cries for Help”

     IRE (Investigative Reporters and Editors) Medal:  “Cries for Help”

     Casey Journalism Center for Families and Children Medal:  “Cries for Help”

     Emmy Winner:  “Cries for Help”

     SPJ Best Coverage Children’s Issues:  “Cries for Help”

     SPJ First Place Criminal Justice Reporting:  “No Record Found”

     SPJ First Place Feature Reporting:  “Battle of Love”



      National Scripps Howard Finalist, Investigative Reporting:  “Failure to Protect”

     SPJ First Place, Best Investigative:  “Failure to Protect”

     SPJ First Place, Environmental Reporting:  “Air of Danger”

     SPJ Second Place, Continuous Coverage:  “Under Surveillance”



      Emmy Winner, Reporting: “HMO Madness”

     SPJ Award of Excellence:  “HMO Madness”



     SPJ Award of Outstanding Achievement:  “The Beauty Within”

     Emmy Winner, Anchor of WFTS Team Coverage:  “St. Petersburg Race Riot”



     Emmy Winner, Series Reporting:  “A Dying Shame”



      Clarion Award, Spot News:  “Tanker Explosion”



        Emmy Winner, Spot News:  “Serial Killer Jeffery Dahmer”

       Associated Press Award, Series Reporting:  “Father Effinger-Priest Sex Abuse Scandal”

       Milwaukee Press Award, Investigative Reporting:  “Father Effinger-Priest Sex Abuse Scandal”

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